The MYCELX difference



MYCELX systems provide unparalleled removal of hydrocarbons, PFAS, and other difficult contaminants from water and air over conventional treatment systems. Our advanced technologies are based on our novel MYCELX Polymer that is a game changer in separation technology. Its unique properties bring new capabilities to industrial applications that result in higher performance, smaller footprint, and less waste over conventional technologies.

  • Performance Benefits


    Capable of removing oil from water instantaneously and permanently at any flow rate to 1 ppm or specific client specifications. This unique performance capability is integrated into diverse applications in multiple industries.

    Efficiency, footprint & weight

    Significantly higher level of contaminant removal per volume of filter media. High-efficiency results in up to 3 times smaller footprint and overall cost savings in capital equipment and deployment costs.

    Retrofit Package to Convert Conventional

    MYCELX's oil removal media can be dropped into existing, underperforming systems with an easily-installed retrofit package.

    Water Characterization Expertise

    MYCELX engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in designing equipment systems to handle the removal of any aqueous contaminant.

  • Operational Benefits


    Operational uptime increases profits. Our installations are renowned for uninterrupted operation in many cases resulting in zero downtime. This level of operational excellence allows us to displace more established but less consistent competitors.

    Ease of Use

    MYCELX systems can deploy rapidly and are engineered to require minimum operational intensity. Remote control options are offered to reduce man-hour costs.

    Technical Expertise

    Understanding our customer’s water is at the core of ensuring the solutions we provide are the most efficient and effective. We supply implementation and ongoing support as a part of every system we install.

  • Environmental Benefits

    Reuse and Recycle

    MYCELX systems enable the reuse and recycle of water in real-time processes supporting the global need to conserve the world’s most important resource.

    Regulatory Compliance

    The effective removal of targeted contaminants from water that ensures MYCELX’s clients comply with stringent regulatory guidelines as well as meeting their stated internal environmental goals.

    Clean Water

    Dramatically reduces harmful and environmentally toxic contaminants from water discharge, saving valuable water, and preserving fragile ecosystems. The production of MYCELX polymer results in zero waste byproducts.

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