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    MYCELX Polymer

    The MYCELX Polymer uses molecular cohesion to instantly remove oil from water, reaching critically low levels for discharge or reuse.

We founded MYCELX with the commitment to reduce the impact of industry on the environment through science and technology and that quest began with clean water. It was clear to us from the start that conventional systems were ineffective, expensive and unreliable. While conventional systems attempt to block or hold oil or other contaminants as they pass through filters or filtration media, MYCELX products permanently bind with hydrocarbons and remove free and emulsified oils and associated hydrocarbons. The MYCELX Polymer is integrated into engineered substrates for diverse use in multiple Industries.

How it Works

As fluid shears through the MYCELX filtration media, oil and hydrocarbons bind upon contact, with minimal pressure drop. Molecular cohesion is so effective, our systems can achieve oil removal to critically low levels to meet the most stringent environmental and process requirements.

MYCELX systems exhibit excellent removal effectiveness for a wide range of oils and hydrocarbons. Our systems remove crude oils (light and heavy), condensate (from gas production), tar, waxes, asphaltenes, gasoline range and diesel range hydrocarbons, oily mist, PFAS, and PCB's. Integrated into other applications supporting or boosting performance resulting in technological advancement. This unlocks the removal of other contaminants disruptive to process, operations, and harmful to the environment.


  • Permanently and instantly removes oil from water
  • Broad range of hydrocarbon removal
  • Small system footprint
  • Substantially lower in cost to operate
  • Boosts performance in other contaminant removal applications

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