• Agribusiness


    The output and quality of livestock and poultry is greatly affected by water quality. Low quality water can result in dehydration, illness, and ultimately fatalities. This water could be tainted with microbiological pathogens, silt and dirt, iron precipitates or other particulate. A MYCELX filtration system, equipped with a MYCELX Disruptor, can effectively remove these contaminants.

Common Problems

Water is often drawn from a local well or pond, requiring additional treatment to meet agricultural guidelines. Sediment from groundwater, such as grit and iron oxide fines, can disrupt treatment systems and reduce water intake if present at water or feed sources. Chemical dosing to compensate can result in more bacterial growth.

  • Increased operating cost
  • Additional system complexity for operations and maintenance
  • Destroyed bacterial bodies persist, allowing for animal consumption of endo- and exo-toxins


The MYCELX Random Walk Disruptor media provides a point-source solution for treatment and filtration of all biological growth, from algae to bacteria. This unique technology, coupled with the pre-and post-filtration steps can eliminate bacterial colonies as well as endo-and exo-toxins from dead colonies.


  • Maximized feed conversion rate for livestock
  • Ensures effective hydration of livestock and poultry
  • Point-source solution for treatment and filtration of all biological growth
  • 100% elimination rate of bacterial colonies

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