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    Crop irrigation requirements are frequently updated to reflect best practices in consumer safety. The United States requires strict compliance on microbial profiles both during growing and harvest activities. During growing activities, E. coli can be present in limited amounts. However just before, during and after harvest and packing activities there must be no detectable E. coli present in the water. A MYCELX filtration system, equipped with a MYCELX Disruptor, can provide complete elimination of bacteria in irrigation water.

Common Problems

Irrigation water used for growing, harvesting and packing is typically sourced from either surface water such as ponds or irrigation canals or from groundwater. Each source presents unique challenges.

  • Contamination can result in bacterial growth and E. coli
  • Algae growth in surface water can clog water distribution equipment
  • Particulate contamination in groundwater can affect equipment and water quality


The MYCELEX Disruptor provides a point-source solution for treatment and filtration of all biological growth, from algae to bacteria. This unique technology, coupled with the correct pre- and post-filtration steps can eliminate bacterial colonies as well and endo- and exo-toxins from dead colonies.


  • Ensures use of safe water on crops regardless of the source
  • Treats and filters all biological growth
  • Eliminates bacterial colonies as well endo- and exo-toxins from dead colonies

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