MYCELX Company Timeline

MYCELX oil removal units for membrane fouling protection are deployed in various manufacturing wastewater treatment. Membrane life is enhanced by 2 times with higher water processing capacity.

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), the largest chemical corporation in the world, evaluates MYCELX oily water filtration processes for oily water recycle and reuse. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, USA implements MYCELX produced water treatment processes in downstream well injection sites. MYCELX oil removal process is currently the treatment of choice for all Anadarko produced water injection sites.

Company History

In 1989, in the wake of the disastrous Exxon Valdez oil spill, scientist and inventor Hal Alper was distressed at the primitive and ineffective methods being used in the cleanup. Hal took action and began five years of research that led to the creation of the MYCELX polymer. Working with the visionary oil executive, John Mansfield, Sr., the patented MYCELX polymer was commercialized and developed into an industrial-strength, advanced oil-removal solution for the oil and gas industry to safely and effectively separate oil from water both instantaneously and permanently. MYCELX systems are used around the globe and are cleaning water in the most extreme environments. MYCELX systems are deployed as both emergency support for conventional systems failing to meet removal requirements and to replace conventional systems with a superior solution at a lower cost and in a smaller footprint. MYCELX is a high tech, ecologically friendly, clean water technology solution for the permanent removal of oil from water.