Downstream Process Water

Petrochemical plants and refineries and LNG facilities often face extreme upset conditions that result in strong emulsions, contaminant fluctuations and prolonged, high loading of hydrocarbons into the process water. This can result in decreased production, high rate of fouling of the DSG, increased blow down rates, decreased runtime of DSG reboilers, and cooling water loop contamination.

Closed Loop Quench Water

Leveraging MYCELX’s advanced technology and years of onsite operating experience MYCELX quench water systems are proven to manage extremely elevated oil loading (up to 184,000 ppm) and strong emulsions, enabling the process water closed loop to operate continuously without interruption. Of the challenges resulting from upset conditions, strong emulsions with very small oil droplets present the biggest challenge to existing equipment such as dispersed oil extraction systems. MYCELX’s fail-safe quench water system ensures the right water quality to increase capacity utilization and the on-stream factor. MYCELX quench water systems lead to the following success (see our Quench Water case study for more information):

Cost Savings

  • Less make up water required
  • Eliminate/mitigate costly haul off
  • Longer time between coil replacements
  • Downtime decreased due to unscheduled maintenance

System Improvement

  • Reduced fouling of equipment
  • Less blow down water generated
  • Higher quality steam

Production Improvements

  • Less energy required to heat make up water
  • Better pyrolysis and improved heat transfer efficiency
  • Increased capacity utilization at specified quality

Cooling water

Cooling water loops challenged with seal and oil leaks experience excessive fouling that adversely affects heat exchanges reducing plant production. It is often difficult to identify the source of the leaks and massive amounts of water are wasted from repeated flushing of the loop. MYCELX De-oiling systems:

  • Identify the source of leaks quickly
  • Small footprint equipment – mobile or permanent
  • Fail safe oil removal from loop < 4ppm in extreme oil loading conditions

The MYCELX Effect

MYCELX is a patented process that uses innovative molecular cohesion technology, not just simple filtration or chemical sequestration. MYCELX permanently binds with oil and hydrocarbons and removes it even when it’s highly emulsified. MYCELX effectively removes oil and hydrocarbons instantly and permanently from process water and wastewater with the ability to reach critically low levels, down to 1 ppm if required.


MYCELX can remove oil from water during extreme high loading conditions, regardless of droplet size or flow rate. The MYCELX system can be retrofitted into existing conventional systems to help achieve desired purity levels or can fully replace existing systems, occupying a fraction of the footprint of the conventional filtration train. And MYCELX systems are chemical-free, easy to operate, high performance and fail-safe.

With MYCELX’s lower capital cost, higher performance and reduced operational costs, petrochemical, refinery and LNG operations can achieve new levels of water quality at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems enabling increased capacity utilization and on-stream factor.

Further Benefits

  • Fast deployment across the world due to small size and modularity.
  • Ideal for implementation in areas where water reuse is important such as the Middle East and Australia. MYCELX can remove hydrocarbons from process wastewater in petrochemical and LNG facilities and refineries to extraordinarily low levels mitigating unscheduled downtime due to out of spec water.
  • MYCELX can effectively treat process wastewater containing oils, BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene) and other hydrocarbons. MYCELX can also remove PCBs from wastewater and storm water.
  • MYCELX systems provide fouling protection of degreasers, dilution steam generators, saturators and sour water strippers.
  • MYCELX systems are ideal for cooling water de-oiling and condensate recycle and reuse.