Downstream Process Water

Petrochemical companies and refineries face extreme challenges.

Achieving regulatory levels for environmental discharge, recycling and reusing water can be an operational burden. Reaching the required limits of low ppm of oil and hydrocarbons in water isn’t just a matter of water filtration. And the maintenance headaches and operational costs both have significant impacts on the bottom line.

Petrochemical companies and refineries need to:

  • Treat and safely discharge process wastewater to the environment per regulations.
  • Achieve process improvement through recycling and reuse of water.
  • Avoid production downtime by reducing oil and hydrocarbon fouling on equipment.
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs due to oil and hydrocarbon fouling.
  • Identify and implement new technologies that can scale up robustly and operate sustainably.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs and look for ways to control operational expenses.
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for operators through better Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHEM).

The MYCELX Effect

MYCELX is a patented process that uses innovative molecular cohesion technology, not just simple filtration or chemical sequestration. MYCELX permanently binds with oil and hydrocarbons, even when it’s highly emulsified. MYCELX can effectively remove oil and hydrocarbons from process water and wastewater with the ability to reach critically low levels, down to 1 ppm. The proof? Water processed through MYCELX has no oil sheen and no toxic hydrocarbon smell.

MYCELX can remove oil in virtually any situation, regardless of droplet size or flow rate. The MYCELX system can be retrofitted into existing conventional systems to help achieve required purity levels or can fully replace existing systems, taking up a fraction of the footprint of the conventional filtration train. And MYCELX systems are completely reliable and fail-safe.

With MYCELX’s lower acquisition cost, simple installation and operation, high performance and reduced operational costs, petrochemical and refinery operations can achieve new levels of compliance and water quality at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

Key MYCELX Benefits:

  • Faster deployment across the world due to small size and modularity.
  • Ideal for implementation in areas where water is at a premium, like the Middle East and Australia. MYCELX can remove hydrocarbons from process wastewater used in refineries in arid climates to extraordinarily low levels and enable safe discharge into the environment.
  • MYCELX can effectively treat process wastewater containing oils, BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene) and other hydrocarbons. MYCELX can also remove PCBs from wastewater and storm water.
  • MYCELX systems provide fouling protection of degassers, dilution steam generators, saturators and sour water strippers.
  • MYCELX systems are ideal for cooling water de-oiling and condensate recycle and reuse.
  • When used as Pre-RO (reverse osmosis) treatment, MYCELX systems can dramatically lengthen the lifespan of the RO membrane.
  • MYCELX offers systems with flow capacity up to 1,200 m3 with a small footprint.