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    Oil Spill Solutions

    MYCELX has developed a suite of technologies to address any size emergency oil spill, from small, localized spills such as in machine shops to catastrophic spills into bodies of water. MYCELX oil spill solutions instantly bind oil to solid substrates for easy handling and disposal.


MYCELX oil spill solutions prevent the contamination from separating, emulsifying, and releasing back into the environment, no matter how large or how small.

  • Provides instant, permanent removal of oil in any spill situation
  • Completely removes and provides easy and economical disposal in emergency oil spills
  • Effectively removes oil sheen from process water discharge
  • No chemicals or risks to personnel or marine ecosystems
  • Variety of products to address every oil spill need

How it works

The MYCELX polymer can be applied to sorbent materials to impart hydrophobic and oleophilic properties. Standard remediation products such as sorbent booms and oil mats have been reimagined and improved with MYCELX technology. Solutions can be rapidly deployed, to effectively remove large volumes of oil and can then be rapidly replaced and disposed of.

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