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    MYCELX Polisher

    The MYCELX Polisher is the core component of the MYCELX system. The polisher removes traces of hydrocarbon contamination, even highly emulsified and soluble oils, down to 1 ppm or below, and can be deployed as a single-time or continuous treatment system.


MYCELX Polishers can be implemented to augment existing systems or as part of a fully customized MYCELX water purification system. The Polisher removes highly emulsified and soluble oils, including oil coated solids. Water passing through a MYCELX system has no oil sheen.

  • Significantly smaller footprint easily fits into existing space
  • Simple operation requires no dedicated or specialized personnel to operate and maintain
  • Lower Waste Volumes - Dry, non-hazardous waste is produced, delivering waste volumes 200%-300% more compact for the same level of hydrocarbon removal as other offerings.

How it works

The MYCELX Polisher uses patented MYCELX polymer filter cartridges that remove fine solids and capture trace oils and solids that come through the system.

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