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    MERSEP Elements

    MERSEP is MYCELX’s patented mercury removal technology. It removes nano-aerosol forms of mercury from gas phases via specialized coalescing media. On a single pass, over 95% of the mercury mass present in typical gas formations is coalesced and removed from the process as a concentrated waste from the gas treatment train.


MERSEP is a completely unique, patented solution to mercury removal. It coalesces tiny mercury droplets into an easily handled waste, to be removed safely from the process stream during operation.

  • Industry standard coalescing filter shapes and sizes.
  • Replaces the need for large molecular sieve/bedded media type adsorption systems.
  • Lower cost of operation and total lifecycle with better HSSE profiles for operation.
  • Compact waste stream.
  • Simple operation replicates existing liquid/gas coalescer.
  • Enables downstream (post gas dehydration) absorption technologies to be highly efficient, and much smaller in size by removing liquid mercury contamination.

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