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    Air Filtration

    MYCELX produces hydrophobic air filters treated with the MYCELX polymer for the removal of oil mist, oily solids, particles and biologicals from the air.

Key Benefits

The filters reject the oil contaminated water on contact. The unique behavior of the MYCELX polymer prolongs development of differential pressures which would otherwise require filter replacement before full saturation is achieved.

  • Highly effective method on oily mist streams that are typically 90-95% water
  • Can be utilized in both mist collectors and air handlers
  • Extend the lifetime of costly HEPA filters
  • longer operational times between changeouts

How it works

MYCELX Polymer can be applied to standard pleated air filters or to foam sheets that are deployed as a pre-filtration retrofit. Multiple stages can be deployed to improve all stages of standard air filters.

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