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    MYCELX Coalescer

    The MYCELX Advanced Coalescer (MAC) is a primary treatment system that includes a media pack of MYCELX polymer. It removes large concentrations of free and dispersed oil and clarifies water from suspended and settleable solids.


The MAC absorbs process upsets and high contaminant loading to prepare water for further treatment by secondary and/or tertiary technologies. It can remove over 90% of the oil droplets and solids particles above 35 microns in size.

  • Efficiently removes solids and oil to different streams in a single process step.
  • Less waste/recycle energy with no constant skim to recycle.
  • Simple design, requires single level control, no moving parts, no shear forces imparted to fluid.
  • Accumulates recovered oil in batches to be delivered as a neat product to recycle.

How it works

Unlike traditional gravity gravity separation units, the MYCELX Advanced Coalescer contains a MYCELX coated media that coalesces smaller oil droplets into larger oil droplets that are easily removed and recovered.

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