The MYCELX Effect

What is the MYCELX Effect?

The MYCELX Effect is different from any other oily water separation process or technology on the market – this scientific approach to removing oil from water is solving the world’s toughest oil-removal problems.

Using molecular cohesion, the MYCELX polymer instantly binds together and coagulates oil and hydrocarbons, actively repelling water and enabling the instant and permanent removal of oil from water.

When using MYCELX clean water technology, as water shears through filtration media, oil and hydrocarbons densify upon contact, resulting in minimal pressure drop. This approach is so effective, our systems have the ability to achieve oil removal to less than 1 ppm if required.

There’s visible proof: water discharged from MYCELX equipped systems has no oil sheen.

Permanently and Instantly Remove Oil From Water

How different is MYCELX technology? MYCELX permanently and instantly removes oil from water, reaching critically low levels for discharge or reuse.

While conventional systems attempt to block or hold oil as it passes through filters and filtration media, MYCELX permanently binds with hydrocarbons and enables complete removal of free and emulsified oils and associated hydrocarbons like WSOs.

This effect occurs without developing back pressure or blocking the flow. That means that a complete MYCELX system can remove oil and hydrocarbons to critically low levels of oil in a very small footprint. The system is fail-safe and provides the ability to reclaim water for reuse. MYCELX systems continue to remove oil from water, down to 1 ppm, even when upstream components are failing.

MYCELX systems are easily scalable for performance and capacity. They are effective in achieving .0001% purity, or less than 1 ppm, and can achieve sustainable performance under a variety of conditions such as high flow rates, up to 120,000 barrels per day, regardless of oil droplet size or loading rates.

Proven Success In The Field

Does MYCELX really work? Ask the major E&P companies who use MYCELX to maintain overboard discharge well below EPA standards.

MYCELX systems exhibit excellent removal effectiveness for a wide range of oils and hydrocarbons like crude oils (light and heavy), condensate (from gas production), tar, waxes, asphaltenes, gasoline range and diesel range hydrocarbons, Polyaromatics (PAH) and other associated hydrocarbons, like WSOs, from water.

MYCELX systems can achieve oil removal to critically low levels while taking up a fraction of the footprint of conventional filtration trains. MYCELX Advanced Polishers can be standalone units or retrofitted to fit within any part of your current treatment train to help achieve the required level of oil recovery and removal. The MYCELX Polisher Pretreat optimizes the MYCELX Advanced Polisher operation and maintenance by removing suspended solids and reducing oil loading.

As an added benefit, MYCELX systems are much lower in cost to operate than conventional systems.

If your current systems are not achieving the required levels of oil and hydrocarbon removal or are causing cost concerns, you can install an emergency deployment of the MYCELX Advanced Polisher or in combination with the MYCELX Polisher Pretreat to remedy the problem with a quick ROI.

Complete MYCELX systems can also be custom designed for your specific needs.