A Leap Ahead

MYCELX is an environmentally responsible, oil-free water technology company whose scientific breakthrough in removing oil from water helps the oil and gas industry solve the toughest problems that no one else can – providing sustainable water treatment.

The MYCELX Polymer

MYCELX was founded with the creation of the patented MYCELX polymer. This scientific breakthrough allows for a completely different approach to removing oil from water. The MYCELX polymer does not simply filter or hold oil as other approaches do; it instantly and permanently binds with oil and contaminants upon contact through molecular cohesion. Once oil comes in contact with MYCELX it will never reenter the water stream.

How much oil can MYCELX remove? Down to 1 ppm or less – an unheard of level until now. MYCELX can help you achieve the lowest ppm levels of oil in water in commercial oil and gas production. MYCELX is a true clean water solution.

We founded MYCELX with the commitment to reduce harmful contaminants from entering water and from damaging the environment. Why? Because it was clear to us from the start that conventional systems were ineffective, expensive and unwieldy.

There are no systems on the market that can provide better oil removal for a lower cost or in a smaller footprint than MYCELX.

When we designed the MYCELX system we carefully surveyed the problems with conventional oily water filtration systems. The shortcomings of these approaches and products are widely discussed in the industry. They are huge, expensive to acquire and operate, unreliable, are prone to fouling and cannot function under varying loading rates. Conventional systems allow filtered oil to reenter the processed water stream and struggle with removing emulsified and small droplet sized oil and oil coated solids. Simply put: these systems can fail and allow the release of oil and hydrocarbons into discharged water.

And the most important problem with conventional systems: even when they’re functioning as designed they simply cannot reach critically low ppm levels.

Oil Removal, Not Filtration

MYCELX can remove oil at the required level, even down to critically low levels, achieving and maintaining less than 1 ppm of oil at any flow rate or droplet size. There are no systems on the market that are more energy efficient, that are easier to implement and operate or that offer more environmental benefits.

When you combine MYCELX’s small footprint, low cost of acquisition and operation, superior installation and support and environmental commitment with our unparalleled performance and complete oil removal, you’ll see that MYCELX should be your oily water treatment solution.