Power and Utilities

Power & utilities plants are the largest industrial consumers of fresh water resources.  They contribute to the acute water stress in urban and drought stressed areas. Power plants are under enormous pressure to reduce fresh water consumption and maintain discharge standards.

Power plants are in a dire need of advanced water filtration technologies. Some of the types of power plants are hydroelectric, thermal, nuclear, geo thermal, bio-mass, wind energy and solar energy power plants.


Typical problems associated with water filtration in Power & Utilities Industries include:

  • Very high flow rate of filtration
  • Presence of oils and additives emulsify the water
  • It is not economically viable to have additional pumps
  • Leaks and elevated concentrations are not predictable
  • Different processes require different filtration solutions
  • Small dimensional foot print available for filtration systems


MYCELX provides effective water filtration to the power & utilities industry through advanced and customized oil removal solutions. MYCELX also offers emergency response systems and rental systems that can handle sudden upset conditions and eliminate bottlenecks in water treatment. MYCELX systems can effectively and efficiently remove oil, thereby recycling their water or safely discharging it back into the environment.

Power & Utilities Applications Treated by MYCELX include:

  • Cooling water loops contains tramp oil, turbine oil and lubricating oils from leaks and spills. Cooling water loops require oil removal technologies to remove the oil so they will operate efficiently which results in reduced fresh water intake. Power plants flow rates range from 100 gpm to 10,000 gpm.
  • Stormwater is generated in high volumes at power plants.  It must be treated to meet local and federal regulations.
  • Process water that is utilized in some of the power & utilities plants have oil in small to high concentrations depending on the age of the process and the efficiency of the gaskets and connections. To maintain the process efficiency it is imperative to remove the oil and hydrocarbons from the water and to minimize the fresh water intake for the makeup volume.

More Power & Utilities Applications Treated by MYCELX include:

  • Wash water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Process and equipment condensate treatment
  • Turbine and other oil leaks into water loops
  • Parking and platforms runoff treatment
  • Spill remediation
  • Emergency response and cleanup of water loops