Manufacturing plants often require significant quantities of water for production and equipment cleaning. They consume the second largest fraction of fresh water after the power & utilities industry. Irrespective of their size, plants are required to meet the stringent discharge norms and limits set by local and environmental agencies as well as their internal regulations required for efficient reuse..

Water is used for fabricating, processing, cooling and washing operations in a manufacturing plant. They need customized water filtration processes in order to comply with regulatory standards as well as to keep their water loops at the required purity levels. The water loops can be intake water, process water, cooling water or stormwater that is generated in the plant.  The methodologies in production techniques and processes can emulsify the oil in the water, and the emulsified oil makes it difficult for the conventional filtration processes currently being used to remove the oil to a low concentration. MYCELX solutions can replace these ineffective filtration processes such as gravity separators, clarifiers, centrifuges, hydrocyclones and induced air or gas floatation systems.


Typical Problems in the Manufacturing Industry include:

  • Very high flow rate of filtration
  • Small dimensional footprint available for filtration systems
  • Lack of availability of additional pumps
  • Different process loops can have distinctly different issues
  • Regulations and process requirements demand low concentrations of oil in the water
  • Difficulty removing oil when leaving expensive process chemicals and additives in the water
  • High concentrations of solids that prematurely saturate the filtration media
  • Flexibility in process parameter changes (temperature, flow, and pressures)


MYCELX provides effective water filtration to the manufacturing industry through advanced and customized oil removal solutions. MYCELX also offers emergency response systems and rental systems that can handle sudden upset conditions and eliminate bottlenecks in water filtration processes due to increased production or a change in the process. Many manufacturers are implementing MYCELX systems to effectively and efficiently remove oil, thereby recycling their water and process fluids or safely discharging back into the environment.

Manufacturing Applications Treated by MYCELX include:

  • Stormwater picks up a lot of oils and chemicals from the floors in plants. Stormwater treatment requires technology that can handle the high concentration of oils as well as solids. The flow rates range from 10 gpm – 50,000 gpm.
  • Process water is, typically, any water utilized inside the plant. It could be a couple of large loops or many small loops (eg: parts rinsing, quenching and pre-washing processes). The oil needs to be removed from the rinsing baths but without removing the production fluid.
  • Cooling water is typically found in larger loops (up to 20,000 gpm) in automobile manufacturing and smaller loops (up to 2,000 gpm) in other manufacturing plants. Cooling water loops require customized filtration technology and design to be treated effectively.

More Manufacturing Applications Treated by MYCELX include:

  • Wash water treatment & rinsing baths 
  • Waste water treatment 
  • Process and compressor condensate treatment 
  • Sheen removal from water discharge 
  • Parking and platforms runoff treatment 
  • Spill remediation and oil leaks into water loops 
  • Emergency response and cleanup of water loops