Facilities and Ground Water Remediation

All facilities consume water during washing, processing, diluting and cleaning operations. They also produce very high volumes of stormwater or runoff water. Advances in storage and supply chain management has increased the number of facilities, warehouses and related process industries around the world. The water generated in these facilities must be treated to meet the environmental discharge limits regulated by local and federal agencies.


Typical Challenges for Facilities and Ground Water Remediation include:

  • Require very low discharge levels
  • Conventional treatment systems struggle to reliably meet discharge limits
  • High solids concentration that prematurely saturate the filtration media
  • Very high flow rates for non-PCB applications
  • Presence of oils and chemical additives emulsify the water contaminants
  • Disposal of the consumed media is strictly regulatedGround water remediation and other applications in the facilities are completely different from one another and require customized solutions


MYCELX provides effective water filtration to the facilities and ground water remediation sectors through advanced and customized oil removal solutions. MYCELX also offers emergency response systems and rental systems that can handle sudden upset conditions and eliminate bottlenecks in water treatment. MYCELX systems can effectively and efficiently remove oil, thereby recycling the water or safely discharging back into the environment.

Facilities and Ground Water Remediation Applications Treated by MYCELX include:

  • Polychlorinated bi-phenyls (PCBs) are present in ground water and storm water at aging facilities, leaking electrical transformers and storage sites for PCB contaminated wastes. PCB treatment is an ongoing problem. PCBs are highly carcinogenic and need to be treated to low parts per billion levels.
  • Storm water treatment depends on the process at the site and the used contaminants. The flow rates could be 1 gpm – 10,000 gpm depending on the size of facility.
  • Cooling water loops contain tramp oil, turbine oil and lubricating oils from leaks and spills. Cooling water loops require oil removal technologies to remove the oil for efficient operation which results in reduced fresh water intake and the blowdown rate.

More Facilities and Ground Water Remediation Applications Treated by MYCELX include:

  • Process water treatment
  • Wash water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Process and equipment condensate treatment
  • Turbine and other oil leaks into water loops
  • Parking and platforms runoff treatment
  • Spill remediation
  • Emergency response and cleanup of water loops
  • Oily mist removal from plant air