Spill Response

Oil spills into water ways pose very serious environmental risks. Oil spills are difficult to remediate because the oil can spread far from the original spill source. Environmental agencies monitor and require measures to prevent, respond as well as remediate water and land-based spills.

Spill remediation can be performed in stagnant or free flowing water. In stagnant water, an oil spill spreads through the top layer of the water. Oil can be found in the top layer as well as the bottom layers of moving water due to the turbulence created by the motion of the water. Spill remediation technologies require the capability to remove oil against the flow of water.

MYCELX spill remediation and spill response products are custom designed to handle oil spills from different sources and different types of water ways. MYCELX spill remediation products can treat surface contamination as well as oil settling beneath the surface. MYCELX Spill Kleen solutions have a high affinity as well as high capacity for oil and will not water log.


Typical Challenges for Spill Remediation  include:

  • Oil can spread far away from its spill source
  • Oil spills must be addressed quickly as oil weathers over time and can sink
  • Sheen is very low in oil concentration
  • Conventional booms become waterlogged and very heavy


Spill Remediation Applications Treated by MYCELX include:

  • Sheen removal from water
  • Pump and treat surface water to remove oil
  • Treatment of oil spills near mobile or moving marine vessel
  • Oil spill removal during rain events through StormKleen systems
  • Oil removal from tanks in production processes