Water Services

The steep growth in the demand for clean water cannot be met by the conventional filtration processes in many industries. Manufacturing, power and utilities, facilities, groundwater remediation and emergency and spill response are just a few of the industries that require an advanced water filtration solution.  MYCELX advanced oil removal provides a comprehensive solution to the complex problems experienced by industries struggling to meet their water filtration requirements.

Each industry has specific water related issues that require cost effective, easy to operate solutions with a small dimensional footprint. Developments in contaminant identification, quantification and data accumulation shed light on the gap that exists between the capabilities of conventional filtration processes and their ability to perform consistently. Environmental regulations and guidelines are also becoming more stringent which requires a robust solution that can perform effectively in normal operating conditions as well as in upset conditions.

MYCELX solutions are robust, fail-safe and easy to use with a small dimensional foot print. MYCELX advanced oil removal enables our clients to recycle and reuse water from various processes. MYCELX solutions can be customized for industries requiring water filtration with specific oil and hydrocarbons removal issues. MYCELX solutions are based on unique technology consisting of our proprietary polymer, advanced water characterization capability, extensive field experience and ready-to-deploy rental /mobile systems. MYCELX systems can handle 1 gpm – 1000 gpm flow rates. Higher flow rates can be handled by our custom engineered systems.

Manufacturing Power & Utilities Facilities & Ground Water Remediation
Marine Spill Response Air Filtration