Emergency or Lease Systems: Upstream and Downstream

MYCELX systems can be implemented to remedy existing oil removal equipment and systems that are failing to meet environmental discharge regulations. MYCELX systems can also extend the life and increase the efficiency of conventional systems.

MYCELX systems are modular and easy to transport worldwide. They can be used for both emergency short-term installations as well as long-term remedial solutions. MYCELX units have one of the fastest deployment rates among technologies from the client order to the operation start-up. MYCELX units are so compact, light weight and small in size that in urgent situations, even a 20,000 bbls per day or 140 m3/h unit can be mobilized entirely through air freight across the world for delivery within days, if required.

Since MYCELX can be installed in any part of the water treatment train, it can help to extend the life of other system components and reduce the usage of consumables.

Simple Deployment

MYCELX systems are easy to deploy and extremely simple to maintain and operate. How simple? We supply implementation and support with all MYCELX systems at no added cost.

Deploying a MYCELX solution into an existing system is an effective way to see how much more oil can be removed from produced or production water.

MYCELX systems are available for emergency and rapid deployment. Fully customized systems can also be quickly designed and deployed worldwide.

Please contact us for information on rapid or emergency deployment.