Upstream Produced Water

The challenges for global national and independent oil companies are staggering.

When you’re producing oil and gas, either on or offshore, the operational standards and environmental requirements are steadily increasing to seemingly impossible-to-achieve levels. And the increased economic benefit to scale up production makes the problems of water treatment a truly limiting factor.

It’s a fact. Many producers are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the local levels of required water purity while costs continue to skyrocket.

What are you going to do?

Take Advantage of Our Uniquely Engineered Solutions

MYCELX provides advanced oil removal solutions for upstream produced water. MYCELX instantly and permanently removes oil from water, reaching those required, critically low levels of oil removal under a wider range of conditions and flow rates than ever before, with the ability to achieve oil removal as low as 1 ppm. The produced water can be safely discharged with the least environmental concerns.

MYCELX’s uniquely engineered solutions offer more effective performance and demonstrable efficiency gains over conventional approaches, consistently meeting requirements better than any existing equipment, even in challenging produced water treatment systems for deep water offshore drilling applications. MYCELX can supplement existing systems or fully replace them, meeting or exceeding the standards and requirements that your existing systems simply cannot handle. MYCELX is the ideal solution to retrofit your existing systems for enhanced oil removal. All at lower acquisition and operational costs.

That’s the MYCELX effect: get more oil out of the water more affordably than ever before.

MYCELX provides the highest standards for oily water filtration in a small footprint, both affordably and efficiently.

The MYCELX Effect

MYCELX offers a completely different approach to oil removal from produced or recycled water. MYCELX permanently binds with oil and hydrocarbons through the process of molecular cohesion.

No other commercially available process can remove more oil to levels as low as 1 ppm, even in difficult to treat, offshore produced water with highly emulsified oil and WSOs. Loading, droplet size and high flow rates do not impact the effectiveness of MYCELX solutions.

MYCELX provides a robust yet sensitive, fully scalable, commercial production solution for highly efficient oil removal in a remarkably small physical footprint. Install MYCELX anywhere in your existing water treatment train or replace conventional systems completely. MYCELX is the ideal produced water treatment solution for offshore drilling platforms.

How robust and scalable is MYCELX? A single MYCELX system can handle high flow rates of up to 120,000 barrels per day. Since MYCELX systems take up a fraction of the footprint of traditional water treatment trains, you can install multiple systems within the same space of your existing systems, treating very high quantities of oily water.

MYCELX can also handle variable flow rates, from 25-5000 gpm (0.5-150 kbpd). The flexibility and efficiency of MYCELX engineered systems make them ideal for a wide range of applications and deployments, particularly offshore drilling platforms.

For water with high oil and solids, a MYCELX Advanced Polisher Pretreat can be added to optimize the operation, maintenance and media consumption rate in the MYCELX Advanced Polisher. This makes MYCELX both affordable and efficient, lowering overall costs.

MYCELX systems are small, light and virtually fail-safe, working even when upstream components fail or release filtered oil back into the stream. MYCELX does not require highly trained staff to operate. MYCELX engineered solutions can also reduce the use of consumables, making MYCELX a way to both meet your environmental requirements and control costs.

MYCELX can be your solution to achieve low cost, highly efficient water purification.

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MYCELX can be easily retrofitted into any existing water treatment system for oil removal.

If your current systems aren’t meeting your requirements, a MYCELX emergency solution can be installed anywhere in the world to get to your desired and required results.

MYCELX systems can also be fully customized for your requirements, replacing your existing water treatment train with a much more efficient and effective solution in a fraction of the original water treatment train footprint.

With MYCELX, maintenance is fast and easy. And MYCELX systems can be scaled to meet virtually any production environment, from offshore drilling platforms to onshore drilling. With MYCELX you’ll have produced water treatment for safe discharge, a truly ecologically friendly water treatment solution.

MYCELX systems are robust, compact and fail-safe, ensuring that you meet or exceed your water purification requirements.