The Solution

MYCELX’s operational simplicity and effectiveness mean that it can be installed at any point within an existing water treatment train. Remedial solutions are available, as well as fully customized systems designed to replace your conventional water treatment system.

MYCELX Advanced Polisher

MYCELX Polisher The core component of the MYCELX system is the MYCELX Advanced Polisher. The polisher removes traces of hydrocarbon contamination, even highly emulsified and soluble oils, down to critically low levels. The MYCELX Advanced Polisher can easily achieve oil and hydrocarbon removal down to 1 ppm or below.

The MYCELX Advanced Polisher uses patented MYCELX polymer filter cartridges that remove fine solids and captures trace oils and solids that come through the system. The MYCELX Advanced Polisher is so effective at removing highly emulsified and soluble oils, including oil coated solids, that water passing through a MYCELX system has no oil sheen.

MYCELX Advanced Polishers can be implemented to augment existing systems or as part of a fully customized MYCELX water purification system.

MYCELX Advanced Polisher Pretreat

For situations that require the removal of significant quantities of oil and solids, the MYCELX Advanced Polisher Pretreat can boost the effectiveness of existing systems or MYCELX Advanced Polishers.

Captured oils and solids are separated and recovered from the MYCELX Advanced Polisher Pretreat. With water free of solids and dispersed oils, MYCELX Advanced Polishers can then remove the remaining oil down to less than 1 ppm.