The Need for Clean Water

.0001% Purity. Less than 1 ppm or the discharge requirement.

That’s what MYCELX can do for your production and water treatment processes.

MYCELX is an oil-free water technology company for Upstream produced and Downstream process water with over 70 global patents. It’s a new and more advanced oil removal solution for the oil and gas industry. MYCELX isn’t filter or chemical treatment. The MYCELX process is based upon molecular cohesion for truly permanent removal of oil from water. The results are astonishing: oil removed to critically low levels of less than 1 ppm, well below standard requirements.

When you need truly clean, oil-free water for both Upstream produced and Downstream process water, MYCELX can meet and exceed standard requirements. This is a solution designed specifically for the oil and gas industry.

Where Conventional Systems Fail

Conventional systems try to remove oil and hydrocarbons from water by mechanical filtration or in combination with chemical means. That approach requires a long sequence of steps and is prone to system bottleneck and failures. When the composition or loading of oil and hydrocarbon changes, these systems can even release oil back into the stream.

That’s the old fashioned attempt at water filtration.

MYCELX doesn’t just mechanically filter or separate oil – it permanently binds with oil through molecular cohesion. Once oil comes in contact with MYCELX, it cannot be released back into the water. MYCELX provides the lowest ppm levels and smaller droplet size removal than any other system on the market.

That’s true oil removal.

Scientific, Reliable Oil Removal

MYCELX systems use a scientific and reliable approach for removing oil and hydrocarbons for produced and process water or wastewater recycling and reuse. MYCELX answers the call for meeting and exceeding regulations for water purity. When you are unable to meet strict enforcement levels with conventional approaches, MYCELX can help you meet or exceed those standards quickly, efficiently and at a surprisingly low cost.

MYCELX is an ecologically friendly water treatment – protecting the environment and your operation by keeping oil where it should be: inside your production environment.

MYCELX systems, when deployed as emergency and remedial measures to supplement conventional systems that aren’t meeting required goals, or as a complete replacement of those conventional systems, can be a decisive and innovative driver of change in your enterprise.

The high levels of water purity that MYCELX can deliver can be a strong enhancement to your corporate image. Doing that more efficiently and affordably will enhance your bottom line.

Are you ready to see MYCELX in action in your water purification process?