Case Studies

Manhole Water Treatment System

Treatment of 14,000 bpd manhole discharge water saves an average of $0.21/gal compared to haul-off. Water sources is from routine citywide pumping associated with underground utility electrical maintenance.

Oil Sheen and PCB Removal from Transformer Sumps

Small but robust system to remove oils and sheen to less than 1 ppm and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) to less than 40 ppt in the transformer sumps before discharging to the Niagara River.

Post OWS Polish Turbine Oil in Water

Treat high concentrations of oil and grease to less than 10 ppm with no sheen from turbine oil and greases accumulating in the dam base collection system from maintenance was down activities.

Pre R.O. and Ion Exchange Protection

Treat 200 gpm oil water separator upsets to less than detectable sheen requirements for recycling back through the plant’s R.O. and ion exchange make-up water system.