Qatargas Operating Company

  • Location: Qatar
  • Solution: Side-Stream Filtration Unit
  • Industry: Oil & Gas – Downstream Solution


The customer faced an oil leak in their cooling water and was likely facing a plant shut down, representing a large revenue loss. They needed to achieve very low oil levels of 1 ppm in their treated water, and they required equipment that could handle a high flow capacity within a small footprint.

Within two days, MYCELX implemented a side-stream filtration unit within the cooling water loop. This economically viable solution met all requirements of a small footprint, high flow capacity and fail-safe performance. The solution is also easy to operate and maintain.

The customer achieved low oil levels of 1 ppm, all within the confines of a small footprint and high flow capacity. The plant was never shut down; if an oil leak should occur in the cooling water, the unit will clean the entire cooling water loop within hours, preventing plant shutdown.