Major Oil Refinery

  • Location: USA
  • Solution: High-Flow Storm Water Treatment System
  • Industry: Oil & Gas – Downstream Solution


A major oil refinery located in the southeastern part of the U.S. neighbors a bird estuary on a natural conservation site. Complications arose when the refinery could not reliably meet the discharge requirements after a significant amount of rainfall occurred. The refinery sought a cost-effective, environmentally responsible solution that could meet their strict discharge requirements of less than 5ppm while maintaining a small footprint.

MYCELX’s advanced Oil Removal Technology proved to be robust enough to handle the high flow rate, requiring very little space. Engineers designed and fabricated a system to meet the strict discharge requirements without complicating their process.

The remarkable results were:

  • 5,000 gpm and 3,500 gpm systems operating at less than 5 psi
  • Highly successful removal of oil to less than 5 ppm
  • Operating costs of only $0.90/ per 1000 gallons
  • A footprint of 8’ × 5’ × 6”
  • Less than 3 man-hours per year needed for maintenance

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