Major Oil & Gas Producer

  • Location: North America
  • Solution: MYCELX Oil Removal Technology
  • Industry: Oil & Gas – Upstream Solution


The produced water generated through the EOR operation of a major oil and natural gas producer proved to be very difficult to treat with conventional technologies. Water with a very low concentration of oil and grease was required in the recycle process.

MYCELX’s complete oil removal solution optimized the treatment of produced water. The MYCELX Oil Water Separator recovered 70-80% of oil through advanced coalescence of dispersed oil. The MYCELXREGEN filter recovered an additional 25-30%. The MYCELX polisher filter consistently removed oil and grease to less than 5-10 ppm during different conditions of EOR.

Our one-stop solution optimizes the recovery of oil and grease and consistently maintains uniform concentration at the discharge. The system handles produced water that has a combination of a complex solution of dispersed and emulsified oils and solids. The complete system combines the flexibility of a very high turn down ratio of 10:1 or more with same efficiency and capacity. No fuel gas is required, generating huge operational cost savings compared to IGF. And the MYCELX produced water treatment for EOR recovers most of the oil in the stream.